The Adonis Alpha Men – The Best of Both Worlds?

Women Love The Adonis Alpha MenThe Adonis Alpha Man. Seems like another one of those obtuse concatenation of words fabricated by the socially awkward to justify their moronic behavior right? Not necessarily. The concept of an alpha male has been ridiculed and scrutinized by as many people as those who believe and adopt it. Studies have been quoted, putting forward the conclusion that the alpha male is merely a construct of our minds and does not exist in the social system. Contradicting studies have also been quoted to prove that there’s simply one male in every social circle, of human or animal origin, who calls the shots.

We’re not going to be focusing on studies. Studies rarely provoke action. Instead, let’s focus on something we all know and have experienced, our social lives. Now you might be knowing that one person, whether male or female who is completely dominant and takes control of every conversation to direct it in his or her direction. They’re always focused and level headed even when the situation seems to panic everyone else. Essentially, they are in control.

They’re what you would deem worthy of the alpha title. Now what’s this Adonis you ask? The Adonis Alpha Man is simply the urban word for an extremely good looking, capable man who is strong both physically and mentally. In other words, he’s the guy who gives girls butterflies in their stomachs with his unimaginable good looks, extremely desirable personality, a heart of gold and a strong level headed mind. Which girl in her right mind wouldn’t want a guy like that?

The word stems from Greek mythology where Adonis, the son of an immoral relationship becomes the highly adorned lover of the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. Legend says that Adonis was sought after by many women looking to get with him. He was fought over so much that Zeus had to settle a dispute between Persephone and Aphrodite, both of whom desired Adonis’ company.

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Now let’s see what makes a man truly worthy of being ornamented with the title of an Adonis Alpha Man. Adonis Alpha Men generally carry one or more of the following personality traits :

– Values himself:
Adonis Alpha Men have high regard for themselves. Whether the regard may stem from something substantial or if it’s just delusions, it doesn’t matter. These men have utter faith in their abilities and also their shortcomings. He’s the type of guy who would know how to handle any situation, mindless of how adverse it may be.

– He’s the nice guy when it matters:
Lately, alpha men have gained this repute that they are jerks and are not capable of being nice to anyone. WRONG! Alpha men or Adonis Alpha Men are nice with good desirable personalities. The difference is they’re just not ‘over the board’ kind of nice which ends up making you a patsy.

– Assertive:
Let’s be clear on one thing. Being assertive has nothing to do with loud and rude behavior. Being assertive means simply standing up for your needs and demanding your rights in such a way that you will make the other person want to serve you. Adonis Alpha Men know that assertiveness is key, because without it, you risk the chance of being walked all over.

You’re probably wondering why ‘confidence’, something which is repeated over and over again when it comes to defining alpha men wasn’t listed above. That’s because confidence stems from a bunch of primary traits (listed above) and is itself a secondary trait. Without a doubt, Adonis Alpha Men are confident but they’re never cocky.

If you were a girl, you’d want a guy who’s just like how the Adonis Alpha Men has been described. This is why these men get first pick when it comes to choosing mates. Girls may say they want a nice, docile, domesticated boyfriend when they’re filling out questionnaires and answering surveys but the truth of the matter is, they want a real man, who’s life isn’t a constant rerun of boring events. In other words, girls always look for the alpha men. Don’t be mistaken, being an alpha doesn’t just guarantee you getting laid, it also opens up many doors in many different parts of your life, be it job interviews, making friends, etc.